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Tuesday, September 3, 2013


GBP/CHF has shown its buy since this month’s beginning. The price has started its buy on 1.44685 for this month after a gap of 20 pips. But, the gap has been filled on the same day and a very low fluctuation has occurred. 

As the two currencies are very significant in forex, the combination is considered as noteworthy. The “buy” has credited its 120pips till this moment and sailing over the overbought condition. 

By considering the past five days, the GBP has gained around 350+ pips. So, today there will be a trend reversal to prove the CHF value. The belief on the stochastic oscillator has shown the point of bounce back. 

And the trend could be achieving its support point of 1.44138 with its sequential downtrend. Besides, the reliable Bollinger indicator is predicting the sell up to 120+ pips.

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