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Friday, July 19, 2013

Do you believe in your trading?

Trading and successful trading is the simple process. It actually depends upon the mindset of the traders. As the forex is the universal market there is no deciding authority of the trend. Each trader has lot of personal beliefs to decide about the market. 

By sheer luck, if our trading matches with the market trend, we would be really happy with the trade. For instance, a trader has entered in a buy trade with his smart belief. Conversely, at the same point, another trader has believed in sell. 

It is highly impossible to know who is smart and win the trade actually. In forex, there is no consecutive profit. Even professional traders would face random distribution of profit and losses. 

The only way to succeed in the market is just considering you as a market maker and proceeds with your trades. When our trade succeeds most of the time, it will gradually amplify our account to the desired level.

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