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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Stop loss order is the key to manage the forex account, unless the forex risks wipe out the accounts of several traders. Stop losses are to be considered as a boon to the newbies, those who are studying the forex. 

The forex market is highly unpredictable. So, it is recommended to make the stop loss always. Even though, if we are confident about the market trend. 

The traders have been irritated of stop loss, when the trend hits exactly the stop loss and move back towards the profit. This type of scenario makes them to blame their brokers, thinking that they are doing gambling on the trades. 

Obviously, that is happening only by the market situations. Don’t worry about the forex system; just keep using the stop loss for all your trade entries. It is more essential to fight with the forex risks and sustain in the market. 

Eventually, everyone should realize the fact of “minimizing the risk is 100 times more important than a winning trade” after the long journey in forex.

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