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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Trade on emotions

Emotion is the first enemy in forex trading for all traders. It is the behavior that confuses the mind to take proper decision. Newbies are seriously facing the consequences of emotions during trading. 

The emotional traders are always facing the consecutive losses instead of profits. The strategies, time frame and trend lines are the factors for most of the emotional trades. Because, before entering into the trades we should have time to keenly watch the market movement. 

Unless, if the strategies or trade proposals are not allowed us to take a look on the market, that leads to make urge of the trade entries due to emotional depression. 

To overcome this, traders are recommended to keep a time management for their strategies as well as for the usual calculations before the trades. 

Even, professional traders are often making some type in their trading due to this emotion. From the trade analysis, it is accepted that most of the trade losses happens only by the emotional opinion about the trades. So, make sure about the mind relaxes before entering an open order.

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