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Friday, August 9, 2013


The earlier analysis about this pair of uptrend has been working well and still the trend continues. The indicators that are dealing with made it happen. 

Actually, the daily moving average is predicting the downtrend for this pair. But it takes time to make the trend reversal from the uptrend. 

Already it has predicted to reach its resistance of 0.93410 and obviously it is moving towards the resistance. So, the examined downtrend will be starting after it meets the resistance. Probably, the resistance will be the crossing point for the oscillator. 

The moment it hits will be the beginning for the downtrend and it could lead to somewhat good short. The trend is moving towards uptrend at present and AUD will gain around 150 pips. 

And it is known that the pair had already found its low. So it could be easy to predict the support once again.

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