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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


The NZD/USD has opened its market at 0.79763 on today. From the instant, the short has occurred in the way to compensate the NZD gain of around 200 pips. But, it is hard to achieve in the very short time. 

Anyhow, the indicators are showing great confidence over this anticipation. Today, the trend has already crossed its first support of 0.79253. The belief on the moving average will make the short to cross the support of 0.78784. 

But, there are two possible ways in the market. If the trend crosses the support of 0.78784, it will be expecting its good support of 0.77363. Else, the trend will bounce back from the support point and the NZD will be starting its gain against the USD. 

Anyway, by this fluctuation, the traders are possible to gain some good pips from the trend. The aftereffect will show positive to the traders in the trust over the indicators.

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