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Thursday, August 15, 2013


The USD/JPY has gained noteworthy pips of around 250 since this week’s open. 

The trend reversal has happened from its support of 95.888 and showing a worthwhile trend.  As it is a significant pair, it has never been easier to predict the trend by their vast economy.  

 The issues with the USD economy have made the long of such pips. It has already bounced back from the support and sailing near to the pivot.  

 So, once the pivot breaks out, it would be the beginning of the sequential uptrend to reach its resistance. When the long of this pair crosses the price of 98.419, it will further move 40 pips. 

The trend is moving below the overbought and so it could be attained that in near future. The adequate belief over this trend is provided by the moving average and also with the aggressive economic releases of today.

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